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Chocolate Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition
Chocolate Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition
Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition
Chocolate Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition
Chocolate Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition
Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition

Egg White Protein Powder


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94% Pure and 90% Bioavailable Egg-White Protein Powder

Here’s the thing:

Most protein powders are jammed full of garbage. Garbage that your body doesn’t need. Garbage that’s flat out not good for you. Hidden sugars, sweeteners, thickening agents, preservatives… … and a whole lot more stuff that’s even worse.

Why do protein powders contain so much of this junk?

I’ll give you a clue: 

It’s not for your benefit. It’s for the benefit of the company selling them. So they can keep the ingredients in their storage facilities longer, so they can stretch the GOOD ingredients further and basically make more money from you. Here at Viking Strength, we don’t think that’s cool. We think it sucks, actually.

When was the last time you went to a restaurant to order a plate of preservatives? How about some thickening agent? Or a big ol’ plate of sugar?

Sounds Gross Right?

You’d never willingly eat that stuff.

  • So why eat it in your protein powder? Unfortunately, unless you’ve been a customer of ours for a while, or you’ve never had a protein shake in your life, you’ve definitely been eating crap like that.
  • Realistically, if you wouldn’t eat things like that in a meal, why would you drink them in a protein powder? You wouldn’t, if you had a choice, would you? That’s why we base our protein powder on egg whites.
  • You eat eggs, right?  Of course you do. Because eggs are an actual food. Instead of being some weird ingredient cooked up in a lab. Egg whites are the main ingredient in our Stormbreaker Egg White Protein Powder. The clue is in the name.
  • Eggs are a naturally occurring source of clean protein. There’s nothing harmful or artificial inside an egg… just natural goodness. And they’re also jammed with aminos.

Next to the eggs we only have 3 other ingredients:

Gluten-free organic Vanilla Extract - or chocolate, if you prefer that flavor. 

Organic Stevia Extract - for the little pop of sweetness WITHOUT crashing your blood sugar like, well, like sugar.

Organic Sunflower Lecithin - this is a completely organic emulsifier, which is how you make two ingredients play nice when they otherwise wouldn’t. This is what makes the powder smooth and allows the right mix of ingredients in every scoop.

Without that, it would be a big clumpy mess and you’d not only hate the taste, but it wouldn’t mix properly either.
Anyway, as you can see, very simple ingredients, which is why it works so well once it gets inside your body.

How We Keep It Pure

First of all, we make our protein powder ourselves, in a commercial kitchen.

 It’s not made in some lab or factory somewhere. This is food, so we make it in a kitchen. Because that’s where you make food.

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So What Sort Of Results Do People Get From Our Protein Powder?

Well, most of our competitive athletes will tell you right off the bat that it just FEELS different.

94% purity and 90% bioavailability has a different feel to it.

And that’s because your body knows the difference between things that are good for it, and things that are just going to gunk up your insides.

Our athletes also get great results.

They achieve more. They’re more powerful. They get bigger.

Why do they see such consistent results?

Because our protein powder is consistently clean and pure, so your body can use it easier.

Only including a handful of ingredients means it does one thing and one thing only - helps you build the exact kind of lean muscle you want.

To be blunt, it gives your body what it’s crying out for after you just wrecked it in the gym.

Here’s Where It Gets Really Great

Now, with our premium ingredients, ultra purity, and precision creation process, you could be forgiven for thinking our StormBreaker Egg-White Protein Powder is expensive.

And it just isn’t. At all.

You might be used to paying premium prices for your “premium” protein powder… even if it is full of garbage.

But that’s not how we roll.

You can get your supply of StormBreaker for less than forty bucks if you act right now.

And we’ve already talked about how we only use very simple, premium ingredients.

Bottom line, your forty dollars is getting you something that’s way more bioavailable than whatever you were using before… … and that just means you’re getting more bang for your buck.

 If you wanna get bigger, get stronger, recover better… you NEED a high quality protein powder. Hit the button below to choose your flavor, and we’ll speed it to you as quickly as we can.

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